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Kommersant: Rutube will launch an online cinema with free access to movies and TV shows for passing surveys

Once a day, users need to watch a commercial and answer questions.

The Rutube service will launch the Rutube List online cinema. Instead of a paid subscription, users will be offered to view commercials and take polls in exchange for access to movies and TV shows. This was reported by Kommersant with reference to two sources close to the company.

To get access to watching a video, the user needs to watch a commercial once a day and pass a survey. The first question is related to the video, and the second is personal. In this case, the survey will not always be accompanied by viewing promoters. Users will also have access to movie premieres and will be able to win money.

Rutube has already added the Rutube List page , and also launched a separate website, , which was registered on April 16 by the company Ruform, which manages the service. The Rutube List requires registration through the Pass.Media system – a single account with access to Gazprom-media services, including TNT-Club, NTV, Match! Club “,” House-2 “and Rutube.

The free version of YouTube also offers to pass a survey before watching the video. But the Rutube List model, when the user gets access to the content that was previously available for money, was not previously on the market, experts say.

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