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Citymobile has launched a taxi ordering service on VKontakte. You can pay for the trip via VK Pay

Users can share the cost of the trip with friends from the social network.
Siteimobil launched a travel booking service on VKontakte for residents of Moscow, Samara, Tolyatti and Yaroslavl. You can pay for this trip via VK Pay. About this reported the press service of the company. Innovation can be tested in applications VK Taxi and Citymobil.

The company clarified that the main feature of the service is integration with the social network. Users can share the cost of the trip with friends and select the addresses specified in the communities on VKontakte as a destination.

General Director of Citymobil Aram Arakelyan believes that such integration will help the company “to combine their expertise and help users to solve their everyday tasks.”

We are pleased to unite with a social network that has a multimillion audience in Russia, and provide VKontakte users with a unique opportunity to test the order of our taxi within the social network.

Aram Arakelyan general director of Citymobil

Mail.Ru Group is a co-owner of Citymobil, VKontakte is included in the same holding.

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