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Bubble Tea Challenge: girls use their breasts as a cup holder

Japanese women began to put drinks on the chest – the idea was picked up by artists, men and girls from other countries.

In mid-June, the Japanese challenge for Twitter was “Hands-free bubble tea challenge” or “Tapioca challenge”. The bottom line is to use your chest as a stand for a glass.

It all started with a tweet in which the Japanese model types on a computer and drinks a drink from a glass located on her chest.

On June 10, in response to a video, the Japanese artist Kiseki Himura laid out a new chapter on his twitter, in which the heroine of his comic strip is participating in challenging.

The idea to use their breasts as a cup holder was liked by Japanese users. They started posting photos for challenge. In the pictures, the girls are drinking bubble tea – tea drink mixed with juice or milk, to which tapioca balls are added.

Soon the challenge moved to Instagram and became “international.” The drink, which gave the name of the flash mob, began to be replaced by cups and glasses from McDonald’s.

Other artists also joined the flash mob and began drawing art on the subject.

u / tsukinonono

Men also decided to take part.

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