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The question of the garbage reform Putin asked a 15-year-old video blogger. Protesters against dumps were not given words

In the Arkhangelsk region, protesters against a landfill site set up a tent camp on the eve of the “Straight Line”.

Katya Adushkina asks a question on the “Straight Line” YouTube channel  RT 
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A question about the separate garbage collection during the “Straight Line” to President Vladimir Putin was asked by the 15-year-old video-blogger from Moscow Katya Adushkina. She noted that, contrary to the discussion of separate garbage collection, often waste from different containers are sent to one landfill.

Like all schoolchildren around the world, I am interested in environmental issues. Now in Russia, separate collection points are starting to appear. But still on the Internet they say that in the end all the garbage is still dumped in one pile. How will you deal with this problem?Katya Adushkinavideo blogger

The President acknowledged that 70 million tons of waste are generated annually in the country. Garbage dumps accumulated since Soviet times. This is aggravated by the fact that in general Russia has developed a consumer society.

Putin spoke about a plan to solve the problem: 200 garbage processing complexes worth 300 billion rubles will be built in the country. And a third of this amount will be allocated from the budget, the rest – business funds.

This is a big problem with us. It did not appear yesterday, but began to study two or three years ago; the impetus was another straight line.

Vladimir Putin

According to Putin, the issue of garbage was one of the predominant in the number of incoming calls in front of the “Straight Line”. During the program, the situation with garbage collection that caused a public outcry was not mentioned. Among them is the situation with the construction of a landfill at Shies station in the Arkhangelsk region. Protesters against the construction of the landfill recorded an appeal to the president and the government, and on the eve of the “Straight Line” they set up a tent camp. On the day of the “Direct Line”, it became known that the place of possible live broadcast for the appeal to Putin of the activists from Shies was moved 40 km.

Katya Adushkina is one of the most popular teen bloggers of Russian-speaking YouTube (4.4 million subscribers). The main content of the channel – music videos and daily videos.

Screenshot YouTube channel Katya Adushkina

The “straight line” with Vladimir Putin is being held for the 17th time. Broadcasting goes on federal channels and radio stations, as well as on the Internet. Before the broadcast, the number of appeals to the president exceeded 1.5 million. The president is asked about 2-3 million questions each year. Record in time, “straight line” was held in 2013 – the broadcast lasted 4 hours and 47 minutes.

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