Manufacturer of female sex toys sued the carrier, which banned their advertising in the subway in New York

At the same time posters with sluggish cacti, advertising preparations to increase potency, are hung in the subway.

“The smile on my wife’s face speaks for itself” / “Thank you from the whole vulva” (pun: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart”) Dame

Manufacturer of female sex toys Dame sued the transport company Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), which transports in New York. Previously, she banned Dame from advertising goods in the city metro.

In September 2018, MTA approved the Dame campaign with slogans like “Toys for Sex” and customer comments. In November, the carrier canceled the permit, because according to the rules it cannot advertise manufacturers of goods of a sexual nature. At the same time, MTA approved the advertisement of the means to increase the potency of the company Hims.

Dame accuses the company of censoring and discrimination. At the beginning of the year, the founders of Dame, Alex Fayne (Alex Fine) and Janet Lieberman (Janet Lieberman), launched a campaign with slogans #PleasureIsHealth (“Pleasure is Health”) and #DerailSexism (“Breaking Sexism”).

“Since MTA refuses to work with manufacturers of sexual goods, why is it normal to advertise funds for erectile dysfunction, and we are not?” Commented Alex Fayn.

MTA probably think that being able to have sex is more important than getting pleasure from it. People with vulva lose in such a scenario.

We cannot allow organizations like the MTA to shame sexual pleasure and at the same time advocate an increase in libido. Why sex is about health, and having fun is not?

from the movie Dame

Researchers at Indiana University have concluded that the use of vibrators by women has a positive effect on sex life and rarely causes side effects. Doctors prescribe theuse of vibrators for women with reduced libido and sexual dysfunctions. Given this, Dame claims that since they cannot advertise their products, people suffering from such ailments will not be able to find out what treatment options are available to them.

In January 2019, at the CES technology exhibition, a female “smart” sex toy was awarded for innovativeness, and then the prize for “obscenity” and “immorality” was selected.

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