In the Russian Academy of Sciences complained about the inability to study the influence of space on the production of sperm. Astronauts do not want to pass it

Such proposals cause them “smile and rejection,” said the relevant institute.

Scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences complained that they could not carry out research on the influence of space on sperm production. To do this, they need to examine the sperm of astronauts before, during and after the flight, but they do not want to take the material while working on the ISS. This was told by the head of the laboratory of biophysics of the cell of one of the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences Irina Ogneva.

According to Ogneva, scientists can not conduct the procedure for the delivery of sperm through the Coordinating Scientific and Technical Council, which approves of conducting experiments on the Russian segment of the ISS. Astronauts do not want to participate in the delivery of biomaterial in space. The head of the laboratory of the RAS noted that the surrender of sperm in space causes everyone to “smile and rejection”.

We constantly encounter obstacles of a moral, psychological and ethical nature. Wishing among astronauts is not.

Irina Ogneva Head of the Laboratory of Cell Biophysics, Institute for Biomedical Problems RAS

The possibility of procreation is the most important condition for the colonization of other planets. Therefore, scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences want to study the effect of space flight on sperm production.

Similar studies have already been conducted at NASA in 2018. However, unlike the RAS, the US agency did not ask astronauts to take the sperm and sent ready samples to the ISS. Researchers studied whether sperm could move fast enough under zero gravity conditions to fertilize an egg. After the experiments, the samples will be delivered to the ground, where they will try to use them for artificial insemination.

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