American artist creates a surreal art in the panoramas of Google Street View

The photographer draws attention to the problems of technology companies: unmanned Uber cars, shot down a person, Amazon’s “flying” warehouses and expensive Apple equipment.

A bus stop is marked on Google Maps at a crossroads in Phoenix, Arizona. If you switch to Street View mode, then on a 360-degree map random stock photos, screenshots, emoticons and pictures will appear : Uber patents, a huge can of corn, a plastic bag that says “Thank you”.

Google maps

A strange work created by artist Jason Isolini (Jason Isolini) from Brooklyn. He calls the art memorial in honor of Elaine Herzberg, who was shot down by Uber unmanned aerial vehicle in 2018. The car recognized the woman crossing the road with a bicycle six seconds before the accident, but for unknown reasons did not brake.

The author works as a photographer for Google Maps since 2017 and during this time he managed to insert more than 42 works in Street View. He puts a 360-degree image into Google Business View – a tool companies use to upload information about themselves to the service. The service is available to any Gmail user.

Izolini makes 360-degree shots for companies upon request and uploads photos to Google Maps. The same method he uses to create art. But instead of panoramas, he loads surreal collages that contradict the main goal of the service.

Google maps

The artist told Vice that he wanted to perpetuate the tragedy of the deceased woman on Google Maps – a sterile system devoid of humanity. Izolini did not use the photo of Hertzberg, but instead created a visual allusion to the accident with a reference to online trading.

I created a work about abandonment that a user can sense when he forgets about the goods in the basket of an online store, and then he receives a bunch of reminders about this in emails.

Companies do not want users to follow this path. I began to think about how Elaine Hertzberg crossed this intersection. The pedestrian crossing was a few miles away. It is obvious that everyone crossed the road in this place.Jason Izolinipainter

Since August 2017, Izolini has created over 42 papers on Google Maps. They scored only 200 thousand views. In his early works, the artist inserted collages of random photos such as road laws and bleach bottles onto the streets of Brooklyn.

Izolini recently published a collage of broken technology near the entrance to the Apple store in Manhattan, consisting of a cigarette, broken iPad screens, a stone with USB ports and a bent road cone.

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“In the beginning, I thought of my work as a great experiment. I just made collages in panoramas and looked at the result. Now it’s like a 360-degree playground. I thought that this is how we can really connect to the Internet. The Internet can again feel new, ”the artist said.

In June 2018, Izolini published a work on Amazon, based on the patent of a “flying” warehouse, which leaked to the network in 2016. Towering over a crossroads in Manhattan, the art is filled with hot dogs, ketchup bags and hamburgers flying around drones and empty boxes.

Google maps

“The media talked about how Amazon’s warehouses will fly over the stadiums and deliver food with drinks. This is very funny. I read about it in every newspaper, stumbled several times. The first thing people thought about was how to deliver food, ”commented Izolini.

The artist describes his works as “interventions” because his art interferes with the perception of the public space: “It is interesting that, working for Google, you enter other places and make them completely public. You exploit them. But some want to be noticed. And, obviously, companies are gaining tons of views like this. ”

Google Maps exists at the expense of employees like Izolini, who shoot panoramas, upload them to the service and make it available to everyone. At the same time, this means that a bit of creativity will inevitably seep into the Google’s inspected service, the publication noted.

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