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US deports Russian video game developer who bought instructions for an F-16 fighter on eBay

Oleg Tischenko was sentenced to a year in prison, but he had already served that sentence.

F-16 fighter in the Eagle Dynamics company simulator screenshot

A court in the United States sentenced the Russian video game developer Oleg Tishchenko to one year in prison. Given the time left, he will be released and today will be handed over to internal security agents. Next, Tishchenko will be sent to Salt Lake International Airport, from where he will be deported to Russia, RIA Novosti reports , citing court representatives.

Oleg Tishchenko developed flight simulators for Eagle Dynamics. In 2011, he asked a Texas resident Edward Sullivan to help him buy on eBay and send instructions for pilots and an instruction manual for the American F-16 fighter to Russia.

Five years later, the US authorities blamed Tishchenko on five counts, including smuggling, violation of the law on the export of weapons and a conspiracy against the interests of the country. The documentation was recognized to be related to the country’s defense capability, and the export of such materials was prohibited for import into Russia. The Russian embassy called the arrest a provocation of US intelligence.

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