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The Bell found a soldier, whose correspondence became evidence in the case of the Malaysian Boeing shot down in Ukraine

Journalists believe that the military corresponded with the fake account used by investigators or intelligence officers.

Page “girls”, which corresponded with the military. 
Journalists believe that this is a fake account of investigators The Bell Screenshot

The prosecutor’s office of the Netherlands on June 19 showed at the press conference JIT one of the evidence of the presence in Ukraine in July 2014 of the Russian military and the installation “Buk”. This is the correspondence of the girl and the military of the 53rd Kursk anti-aircraft missile brigade in VKontakte.

The name of the characters of the correspondence was not disclosed, but The Bell journalists managed to find their pages in VKontakte. The publication believes that the soldier talked with a fake account, probably created by investigators or intelligence.

  • In the footage from the correspondence shown at the press conference, there is a girl’s name – Anastasia Dorokhova – and blurry photos of the profile of her interlocutors are visible. The Bell found her account in VKontakte. Her friend allegedly the same soldier Maxim G *** in, who served in the summer of 2014 in Kursk;
  • One of the old profile photos of Maxim G *** va visually coincides with the photo shown at the JIT press conference – this is the Lada car;
The Bell Collage

  • On the soldier’s page on VKontakte, journalists also found photographs showing the territory of the military unit 32406 in Kursk, where the 53rd brigade is stationed. In addition, on June 28, 2014, Maxim’s mother published on her page in “Classmates” photos of her son with the signature “Kursk”;
On the left is Maxim’s photo. 
Right – photo of the parade ground of the military unit 32406 in Kursk.The Bell collage

  • Journalists believe that “Anastasia Dorokhova”, with which the soldiers corresponded, is a fake account that investigators or intelligence officers may have created. According to the Findclone service , the Avatar of Dorokhova uses 20 profiles in VKontakte;
  • The Dorokhova account was actively maintained for only 4 months – from April to August 2015. The last time Dorokhova was online was July 9, 2015;
  • There are only 26 friends on the page of the girl. According to The Bell, basically there are the same fake or already deleted accounts. But there are accounts similar to real ones, which belong to the men who served in the air defense of the Russian army.

“If anyone finds out, Sekar-noggin”: The Bell found …Among the new evidence of Russia’s involvement in the crash of flight MH17 was correspondence … THEBELL.IO

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