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Telegram announces geotags tied to geographic location

They will be able to correspond with users who are next to each other and united by common interests.

Image from Telegram Info Telegram Channel

Telegram announced geotay, they can correspond with people who are next to each other and united by common interests, the company said in a message. Such chat rooms have already appeared in the beta version of Telegram for iOS.

Any user can create a geocate; you need to specify his subject and geolocation radius – from 100 meters to 6 kilometers. Chat history will be available to all users, even messages created before a specific user joined the conversation. The number of geocat participants is unlimited.

Any user will be able to find a particular geocate if he is close to the place to which he is attached. In these chat rooms will appear “checkers” – tags that will indicate that the user has appeared in a place tied to a geotag.

In February 2019, Yandex launched testing of public geotags in a mobile application and Yandex Browser. The user can select chats near his location.

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