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Protest and discipline: how protesters in Hong Kong let ambulances pass and sort garbage

And after the most large-scale performance, they organized a Saturday.


Since the beginning of the summer, mass protests have been held in Hong Kong. Their participants oppose the adoption of a law according to which the authorities will be able to extradite suspects to mainland China, Macao and Taiwan, with which Hong Kong does not have an extradition agreement. Critics of this bill are convinced that its adoption will affect dissidents and activists fighting for human rights, while the authorities insist that the law will help in the fight against transnational crime.

According to various estimates, from one to two million people took to the streets of the city. Police used pepper gas, batons and rubber bullets, and one activist died from a height.

June 15 it became known that the Hong Kong government will suspendconsideration of amendments to the law on extradition, which caused mass protests.

At this point, protests in Hong Kong attracted world attention. In addition to their reasons, social networks and media hotly discussed the discipline and responsibility shown by the participants of the rallies.

So, one of the symbols of the Hong Kong protest was the footage of the ambulance, which the crowd missed. Photos and videos of her were widely distributed on the Internet, and on Reddit the spectacle was compared to how the Red Sea parted before Moses.

The protest was supported by many Hong Kong students who had a session time. Some of them combined participation in the rally and exam preparation.

Journalists around the world noted the high level of mutual assistance organized by Hong Kongers. For example, they left water bottles in strategic locations.

They were used not only for drinking, but also for quickly extinguishing police tear gas grenades.

On Reddit zavirusilas SIFCO ester moiety with one of the channels: it protesting occasional help a journalist working arming his helmet and an umbrella to protect from the gas.

Despite the tense situation, the protesters continued to sort the garbage, as they did in a more peaceful time.

During the mass demonstrations, an activist died: he climbed into the scaffolding to unfurl the banner, and fell from the structure. Other protesters wrote thousands of notes and left instructions in several places to create origami in memory of him.

Memoirs cover the sidewalk near Pacific Place, a luxury shopping center where a protester crashed last night. Social workers created this place for people so that they could “honor memory, express their feelings and emotions”

In Times Square in Causeway Bay, origami lilies are taught to fold — this is for those who would like to pay tribute to the protestor who died on Saturday night. March against extradition law is full of sympathy today

Despite the organization and self-discipline of the protesters, after a large-scale march, a lot of cleaning was required, and the townspeople went on a spontaneous clean-up.

Hong Kongers have helped utilities not only collect, but also sort garbage.

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