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In social networks, the Ninja Turtles logo is converted into memes and phrases that fit well with the motif of the splash screen.

It all started with a five-year-old joke that spawned a Twitter twitter and a cartoon logo generator.

On June 12, the “Names of Wikipedia articles”, which can be sung under the screensaver of Ninja Turtles, was launched on Twitter . Russian-speaking users of the social network picked up the idea of ​​the profile and began to insert phrases suitable for the number of syllables instead of the logo of the animated series. And then rethought the idea, using random memes and references to pop culture.

The account is maintained by a bot that publishes very specific jokes. He replaces the chorus from the screensaver of the 1987 animated series with consonant four-word phrases that he finds among the titles of the articles in Wikipedia.

Museum of Erotic Art

German heavy tank battalion

The idea of ​​creating a bot is based on the web comic XKCD, published in 2014. It lists articles from Wikipedia that can be sung under the screensaver from “Turtles”. The account uses the animated series logo generator based on the same picture.

Screensaver “Ninja Turtles” 1987. In the Russian version instead of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” it is sung “Super ninja turtles”

The bot always selects the titles of articles with the appropriate number of syllables so that in the heads of fans who are nostalgic for the animated series, boring facts or random lists from Wikipedia turn into heroic names of characters.

List of people from Montanta

Daft Punk Song Title

Croatia Research Journal

Full garbage “Monty Python”

List of water parks in Europe

Users of the Russian-speaking segment of Twitter, armed with a generator, followed the bot began to pick up random quotes and expressions that fall on the motif of the screensaver from the animated series.

Todd Howard’s quote about skyrim

Dmitry Medvedev’s quote

Quote character Keanu Reeves from Cyberpunk 2077

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