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In Britain, a teenager who called Prince Harry a “traitor to the white race” was sentenced to 4.5 years

Also found at home “a guide on the resistance of whites” and a textbook “al-Qaeda”

The teenager, who called Prince Harry “a traitor to the white race” on the Internet, was sentenced to four years and three months in an institution for young criminals.

The picture that was laid out by a teenager was full of swastika and on it was depicted Prince Harry with a pistol. She was ublikovana on the extreme right platform in social networks in August last year, a few months after the prince married Megan Markle. The post contained the phrase “See you later, a traitor to the white race”

He also ran a blog, which was described in court as “extremely cruel and aggressively misogynistic,” in which he tried to justify the rape of women and children in pursuit of the Aryan race.

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