Google will begin to indicate the source of the lyrics in the search results. Previously, Genius accused the company of stealing

The search engine shifted responsibility for illegal copying to his partner, who provides the texts.

After Genius accused Google of stealing the lyrics, the search engine said that he would begin to indicate their source. This was reported by the company in its blog.

Google claims to receive lyrics from a third-party partner LyricFind, whom she asked to investigate, “to make sure they meet the highest industry standards.

Google began working with LyricFind in 2016. The company claims that it does not take lyrics from Genius, but pays publishers for their use and creates its own database, which it compares with other sites. The Verge suggested that LyricFind could unknowingly use Genius texts.

Google claims it has nothing to do with alleged theft. Therefore, if in the future such a problem persists, the company will again point to partners who provide data for search results, according to the publication.

On June 17, 2019, Genius accused Google of stealing the lyrics and announced a drop in traffic after the search engine began publishing their lyrics in search results.

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