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Cult Counter-Strike is 20 years old

Oldy have? Today is your day: exactly 20 years have passed since the release of the most popular mod for the first Half Life, called Counter-Strike.

In 1999, Counter-Strike was invented and made by enthusiasts Min Le and Jess Cliff. The mod immediately became so popular that the developer of Half Life, Valve, immediately hired both guys to work and in 2000, Counter Strike turned into an independent game.

Counter-Strike for many years has been the benchmark of online shooters. It could even be run on a toaster, due to modest system requirements.

I am sure there are many readers among those who spent sleepless nights in computer clubs just for Controy .

The most common and lamp version of the game is considered to be Counter-Strike 1.6. Later, there was an improved version called CS: Condition Zero, which turned out to be a little less interesting.

To date, the latest version of this shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensife confidently takes its high place in the pantheon of popular games.

Millions of people participate in exchanges of fire between terror and counter , while tournaments gather thousands of spectators. The game can be downloaded for free.

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