“Yandex.Taxi” will offer passengers to choose music in the car through the application

But only from the Yandex.Music library.

Screenshot from Daniil Shuleyko on Facebook

Yandex.Taxi will offer passengers to choose music in a taxi themselves using the Yandex.Music service. The managing director of Yandex.Taxi Daniil Shuleiko announced this on his Facebook page.

According to Shuleyko, the idea to embed “Yandex.Music” into “Yandex.Taxi” appeared back in 2017, but “all this time there were“ more important tasks ”.”

In the end, the team got tired of it, and they gathered for their day off at the office, and some even flew in from Peter on the day to make this project. And they did. In just a day. By 3 o’clock in the morning.

Daniel Shuleiko Managing Director of Yandex.Taxi

It is not yet known how the system will work. It is possible that the service will work through the driver’s phone, which is connected to the car via USB or Bluetooth. It will be enough for the client to turn on the music in the application on his smartphone without the need for additional actions.

A similar functionality called Rider Music has been available in some countries for Uber since September 2016. The service offers through Spotify Premium or Pandora to include music in a taxi. To do this, the user needs to associate his account in one of the music services with the Uber application.

But Uber’s Rider Musi only works if the driver’s phone is connected to the car via USB or Bluetooth. As reported in the company’s blog, the audio begins to play after the trip begins, and you can choose the music in advance.Uber Gif

Uber Gif

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