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Meme: Stonks

In social networks, they laugh at business losers who lose all their money on crazy ideas and take pride in low incomes.

In mid-June, the Stonks meme gained popularity in social networks – a surreal picture of a businessman standing against a table with stock prices. With it, users make fun of entrepreneurs who make “excellent” investments, but do not understand the economy at all.

In July 2017, the picture was first published on Facebook on the page with memes. Stock Photo businessman placed on the background with stock exchange visualization, and the man’s face was changed to Meme Man – 3D-head, which became the community mascoto and the star of surreal memes. They wrote “stonks” on the image, intending to distort the spelling of the word “stocks”.

The picture was published without comments, so that users can interpret it in their own way. During 2018, the image appeared on Reddit , Imgur and YouTube .

In June 2019, the meme returned to Reddit. A new wave of jokes began after the template was published in the r / goodfaketext section, where fake screenshots of correspondence are posted. The hero of the dialogue begs the former to return and randomly sends a meme with Stonks.

Please do not do this. I really can’t live without you. I did not change you. I accidentally sent it

Soon the meme began to appear more and more often in the r / dankmemes and r / memes sections. With its help, users make fun of unfortunate businessmen who believe that they can get rich on their “ingenious” ideas, not understanding how the market works, and turning off common sense.

Eighth graders when they sell their father’s Rolex for an electronic cigarette

A man stole $ 122 million from Google and Facebook, just asking them for money

Urgent news: a man sold a TV to buy a remote

When you buy 500 bitkions for $ 20 and sell them for $ 0.20

When you buy 528 copies of “Shrek” instead of the new iPhone, because Reddit told you so

A man traded child for 15 big poppies

Step One: Buy a 3D printer. 
Step two: print a 3D printer. 
Step Three: Return the 3D Printer

In other cases, users laugh at how novice entrepreneurs exaggerate insignificant earnings.

When mom gives ten dollars for food and does not ask for a return 

How to install the rack with lemonade depicted in children’s books

When spiraling a free game 

When a prostitute pays you because she feels sorry for your little pod

Soon, the 3D head began to be replaced with characters from cartoons and video games that made dubious deals, but still benefited.

When an elderly woman tries to sell you, but you make friendship with an enormous and marry a dragon

When you steal money from a teacher of skills in Skyrim

When you start as a character for comic contrast, but you get your own movie (a reference to the sequel to The Emperor’s Adventures, about Kronk)

Reddit also joked about the template itself, redrawing the original meme.

When you redraw a meme badly, but people still get better, because you bother

I’m trying to recreate a meme in minecraft to get two plus points

June 16, a joke was picked up by the public in VKontakte.

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