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The most muscular cook of the White House

Chief Rush, who served 23 years in the US Army, wrung out 2,000 times a day, prepares Donald Trump and makes chocolate sculptures.

In mid-June, a 2018 photo spread from one of the presidential receptions in Washington on Reddit . The protagonist of the picture is a very muscular, dark-skinned cook with a stern look, preparing pasta. Users described it with the meme “absolute unit”, and then staged a photoshop battle.

The man’s name is Andre Rush , and he’s the White House chef. Rush has worked with the administration of George Bush, with the administration of Barack Obama, and with the administration of Donald Trump. His career as a cook began in the US Army – right after school, he went to the service and “was engaged in something like the protection of VIP-persons, guests and generals.” In total, the chef served in the army for 23 years and was wounded in Iraq.

In parallel, Rush began to prepare, organizing receptions and dinners for the military academy of West Point, the Pentagon and, as a result, for the White House. He does not work as a full-time chef, but comes to the most important events.

Andre Rush stands out from other chefs with his musculature. The volume of his biceps is more than 60 centimeters. Rush goes to the gym almost every day and periodically wring out 222 times a day – this way he wants to draw attention to the fact that on average 22 American soldiers commit suicide every day.

Chef Rush has over 100 thousand followers on Instagram – there he uploads photos of his techniques, workouts and shows how chocolate sculptures are made. Andre thanked the users of Reddit for fotozhaby, which scored a few dozen.

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