The leader Megadeth was diagnosed with throat cancer. The metal band canceled most scheduled concerts.

But the doctors assured that there is a 90% chance of success, that he will be cured.

Vocalist and guitarist of the American metal band Megadeth Dave Mustaine said that doctors discovered he had throat cancer. This musician said on his Facebook page.

Mustaine said that, according to doctors, throat cancer can be cured with 90% success. But the musician said that because of the treatment process, the group would have to cancel most of the concerts scheduled for 2019.

I was diagnosed with throat cancer. Of course, this is something that will have to be considered, but I have faced obstacles before. I work closely with my doctors, and we have developed a treatment plan that, in their opinion, has 90% success. The treatment has already begun.

Dave Mustaine vocalist Megadeth

The musician said that the group will continue to work on their 16 studio album Dystopia.

Megadeth was founded in 1983 after Mustaine was fired due to alcohol and drug addiction from the Metallica group, where he acted as the main guitarist. In 2017, the group received a Grammy Award for the song Dystopia.

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