Sleep trackers cause insomnia. What a twist

Still thinking about buying a smart bracelet with sleep tracking? Think again.

This is a useful feature that helps improve sleep quality. Researchers from the North Dakota Sleep Center agree with this, but only partially. They believe that an ardent desire to sleep can lead to the opposite effect.

The essence of such trackers : calculation of biometric indicators, on the basis of which estimates and recommendations are given for improving the daily routine.

Owners of such devices become obsessed with the idea of ​​improving sleep, because of which they develop orthosomalism – the desire to sleep at any cost. The user seeks to dial the correct numbers in the application, despite his overall physical condition. Sleep trackers may be wrong, but users simply turn a blind eye to it and try to “improve” the performance.

This leads to insomnia, and a considerable amount of money is spent on treating ailment. Researchers advise to treat such estimates of gadgets as advisory, and not as a guide to action. [ SlashGear ]

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