Samsung asked users to check for “every few weeks” smart TVs for viruses

In social networks they took the reminder as a mockery or a joke: since 2017, they did not find vulnerabilities in TVs.

Updated at 18:28: Samsung deleted the tweet without further explanation.

American tech support Samsung called owners of “smart” TVs to check devices for viruses, if they are connected to Wi-Fi. The company asked to do this “every few weeks” with the help of the built-in antivirus and attached a video instruction.

“Scanning a computer for malicious viruses is important for its smooth operation. This is also true for your QLED TV, if it is connected to Wi-Fi! Prevent malware attacks on your TV by scanning for viruses every few weeks. ”

At the same time, Samsung recently did not find serious vulnerabilities in Samsung smart TVs, and experts did not report any malware for these devices. The only known case in three years is a WikiLeaks report in 2017 that the CIA can use TVs to eavesdrop on users. After that, the researchers discovered 40 zero-day vulnerabilities in Tizen OS, which Samsung closed .

Many Twitter users have perceived Samsung as a mockery or a joke. In their opinion, such functions should work automatically on TVs for several thousand dollars.

“People spend more than 5 thousand dollars on these things, and you can’t even automate this [virus scan] in the background.”

“Why don’t you just run the automatic scan periodically, when no one is watching TV or showing a notification after? Transferring it to the end user means that the test will never start. ”

“Did you smoke there?”

Is this an April Fool’s joke that went too far?”

Some users came to the conclusion that the publication of Samsung is the best anti-advertising of any “smart” TVs of the company.

“Excellent advertising against buying any of your smart TVs, Samsung”

“If your TV needs a virus scanner, then you screwed up very badly.”

We lacked only this: TVs that can catch the virus. The future is beautiful. ”

Some jokingly noted that their televisions are already asking for a ransom for unlocking

“My TV says I have to pay to unlock it”


One of the users asked if the TV would be safe if connected to the Internet via wire. After all, Samsung warned only about the threats to devices connected to Wi-F

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