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Instagram started testing a simple way to recover hacked accounts

After frequent hacking into accounts of bloggers and complaints about the lack of help from the security service, the social network decided to simplify the recovery of pages.

Instagram announced a simplified way to recover hacked accounts, as well as security settings that would make it more difficult for hackers to crack profiles. This was reported by Vice.

Now, after several unsuccessful attempts to enter a password, or by clicking on the “Need Help” button, users will be prompted to enter an email address or phone number associated with the account. After that, they will receive a six-digit profile access code.

Users will also be able to return access to the account in cases where the hacker has changed the profile name or contact details. For some time after the name change, no one can take the old name of the account. Name lock is already available on Android and partially on iOS.

A source close to selling stolen accounts on Instagram told the publication that the new measures will slow down ways of capturing profiles, including using tools that register names as soon as they become available.

Now to restore access to the account, the user must contact the Instagram security service. In Engadget noted that using the new method of social network will allow users to restore their own accounts.

Previously, Instagram bloggers had to contact cybersecurity experts in order to regain access to the hacked account, because the social security security service ignored them.

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