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In Texas lake they noticed an alligator with a knife in the head

He looked calm.

Texas resident Erin Weaver met an alligator with a knife in the head at a local lake. The animal was also noticed by two other eyewitnesses during the week.

He sort of turned, moved toward me and swam among the rocks. It really was a knife [in the head]. He looked like a steak knife.

Erin weaver

According to Weaver, she constantly encountered alligators on her morning walks, but before that they hadn’t bothered her much. The woman noted that someone stuck a knife “purposefully” and said she wanted to help the alligator.

As told in the service park Gator Country journalists Gizmodo, the organization can not intervene and help the animal. However, another service has the necessary permissions and is already looking for a wounded alligator.

This is not the first high-profile case with alligators lately. On the night of May 31, an alligator climbed into a house in Florida, waking the hostess. The police detained him.

Photo of Clearwater Police Department 

Photo of Clearwater Police Department

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