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In New York, a young man at the cost of his life saved a three-year-old girl from the fire. But she still died from burns.

Lucas Silverio, 19, almost left the burning building when he heard a cry and came back.

Lucas Silverio Photos from his page on Facebook

On the night of June 9, a fire broke out in a residential building in the Bronx between the 14th and 16th floors , which began to spread rapidly. At that moment, the Silverio family, 19-year-old Lucas, his mother, aunts, grandmother and cousin Jerry Martinez, as well as several other relatives were in the apartment on the 15th floor. They were going to celebrate the adoption of the younger brother Lukas to the Catholic community.

After the celebration, the young man went into the shower when he heard his mother cry for fire. He quickly got out of the bath and tried to get dressed, but the woman said that there was no time for this, only after advising him to wrap a towel over his body. By that time, most of the family was already leaving along smoke-filled corridors and stairs.

Silverio joined his cousin, who helped Grandma come down. Between the 12th and 14th floors, the young man heard the cry of a three-year-old girl Yasleen (Yasleen). It is not known under what circumstances the girl was left alone, since at the time of the fire her mother was in the apartment. Deciding to help, Silverio told his cousin to go down with his grandmother while he himself went upstairs to get the girl.

“He was safe, he could have gotten out of there. He sacrificed himself, ”the uncle of the deceased, Carlos Mendoza , tells The New York Times.

Yaslin MacDonald Family photo

Soon after the young man found Yaslin, an explosion occurred on the floor, knocking both of them off their feet. Noise woke a resident of the 13th floor by the name of Lawes, who opened the front door and saw a completely smoke-filled corridor. According to the residents of the house, neither the alarm system nor the fire extinguishing system worked during the fire, so people learned about what was happening only when smoke and flames were already approaching them.

Lous ran out of the apartment with her four-year-old daughter and went down to the 12th floor, where she saw Silveryo who was bloody and burned. His skin began to exfoliate due to burns. Cousin Martinez, who returned after him, tried to help the wounded boy and girl.

As the survivor explained, he could not leave Silverio – they were best friends born with a difference of a week. “I wanted to help. Lord, how I wanted it, but I had a daughter, ”says Lowes. She passed by and ran out of the building with the child. Soon Martinez left the house, along with the wounded Silverio and Yaslin.

The next day, the girl died in the hospital from burns. It is not precisely known whether the young man was told about it. Relatives gathered in the hospital around him who did not stop talking about his heroism, asserting that he would soon recover, according to a NYT report. On June 13, Silverio, more than 80% of whose body was affected by the fire, passed away.


Silverio studied at the Bronx Municipal College at the City University of New York as a physiotherapist (specialist restoring or preserving a patient’s disability). As NYT’s relatives, friends, and high school classmates told, altruism has always been one of its main qualities.

“The first word that comes to my mind is ‘good’,” says the girl of the deceased, Yamillet Rosario. She to the last supported the dying lover and made plans how the couple will celebrate her birthday on June 19th. “I did not know that a person can be so kind. Such things should not happen to good people. That should not have happened, ”says the girl.

Rosario remembered the case when she had a row with Silverio because he gave money to the “hundredth” beggar in the subway. Or how angry she was when a stranger stopped a young man on the street, and he always listened attentively to the person, no matter how ridiculous the conversation was.

The exact cause of the fire is not yet known. Presumably, the center of fire was a basket with garbage, which was in the common corridor on the floor. The fire was extinguished only an hour later.

The families of Silverio and Jaslin endure tragedy together. The father of the deceased girl, Franz MacDonald, and her uncle now communicate with their young men, calling him a hero. To the question, how would McDonald himself act in the place of a young man, he is lost. “I can’t even imagine it. On the one hand, you need to help your family. But there is a little girl. I don’t know, mate, ”said the father, wiping his eyes from tears.

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