In England, introduced the jetpack. Flew in Gloucester and in London

The future is here.

The founder and chief test pilot of Gravity Industries, Richard Browning, presented a jetpack at two festivals in England. His company has been working on designing and creating satchels for the past three years.

The main task of Gravity Industries, according to the founder, is to make such flights possible for the general public.

On the London week of technology Photo from 
Instagram company

In 2017, at the TED conference, Browning talked about how the approach to the knapsack creation was changing: first, we bought one gas microturbine, then another – thrust design was 50 kilograms. They increased the number of motors, loaded not only arms, but also legs with turbines – there was enough thrust to lift the body.

The first successful six-second flight pushed Browning to further continue work on the project. He managed to hide the wires in a plastic container on his back, and also learn how to control the movement during the flight.

The modern model of the jet pack consists of five microturbines – one is on the back and two are attached to each arm. The total power of the engines is over 1000 horsepower, which allows you to fly for two or three minutes.

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