Elon Musk announced the removal of the profile on Twitter and renamed his account to Daddy DotCom

Earlier, the head of SpaceX published art from Nier: Automata and stated that the attribution of authorship “destroys” Twitter.

Founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that just deleted my account. After that, he changed the username from Elon Musk to Daddy DotCom.

At the time of this writing, the Mask page remains available.

Just deleted a Twitter account

Twitter is not possible to delete an account. Instead, you can deactivate the account: after that the user’s page will not be viewable. Social network provides 30 days to restore your profile.

Before the message about deleting the account, Musk published the art of the heroine 2B from the game Nier: Automata. He refused to specify the author of the image even after users asked him about it. The entrepreneur noted that “any fool can find out the name of the author in a second,” and the indication of authorship “destroys” the social network. He was criticized for such an answer.

In September 2018, Musk concluded an agreement under which he is obliged to apply for the approval of lawyers before publishing tweets that can have a significant impact on Tesla. Prior to that, he published a series of tweets about company stocks.

In February 2019, the US authorities accused Musk of violating the terms of the agreement because of a tweet about Tesla production volumes. In April, control over his Twitter account tightened .

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