A new level of hip-hop appeared in Apple Music: Congo feat Medvedkovo

We survived the onslaught of Battle Rap, Freestyle, Purulent, Pharaoh and other stars of the national Gucci-gang movement.

The time has come for something exotic. It’s time to listen to hip-hop from a simple Russian black guy Jacques Anthony.

No, it is clear that a man named Jacques Anthony Menshikov simply cannot but be a bright and unique person. My name is Mikk, and I know what I’m talking about, hehe.

So, turn on the JAWS album, but for now, I’ll tell you who it is that it reads about the essentials, why the dude has such a strange name and how the Congo, Vologda and Medvedkovo are related.

Who is Jacques Anthony

The future hip-hop star was born in a creative family in Vologda: the mother is Simon “Yori” Makanda, a member of the popular group DOB Community. So I roughly imagine who coined the name of the boy. When Jacques was 4 years old, his stepfather was Andrew “Ligaliz” Menshikov, the same one from the Bad B. Alliance.

After the wedding of Andrew and Simon, the whole family leaves to live in the Congo. Exotic!

In 1997, the Civil War begins in the Congo and Jacques Anthony arrives in Medvedkovo district with his stepfather. There the boy goes to school and learns the classics: piano, jazz and blues, acting.

Here he is, Jean-Paul Piskunov Jacques Anthony Menshikov.

Then move to St. Petersburg, a new school, new friends: at the age of 14, young Jacques Anthony meets 11-year-old future rapper Yung Trappa and begins to write rhymed texts.

During his musical career, Jacques Anthony changed many pseudonyms: these are Dxn Bnlvdn , and AMFaya, and Jacques Anthony. Why does a person with an unusual name need additional pseudonyms – a separate mystery.

However, the performer has a bunch of mixtapes, a joint track with Oksimiron, and another one, with Smokey Mo.

The track “Like a shark” was the first step to writing an album. Jaws It is in this track that the performer for the first time associates himself with the white shark, the ruthless predator.

What is the album JAWS

From the words of Jacques Anthony to create an album in the aquatic theme, he was tuned for a long time, but finally matured to work relaxing in Bali in 2019.

Periodic reflections on “relative loneliness” within the hip-hop industry served as an additional incentive to write a release, and in time the JAWS movie poster became the starting point for the name and the formation of a future concept.

By the way, JAWS is not only “jaws” in English. For the artist, it is also an abbreviation, which stands for “Jaques Anthony Wight Shark”, for the maximum analogy with one of the most ancient and dangerous predators on Earth.

The shark for me is a lonely predator, a symbol of justice and, possibly, retribution. She is dangerous, but never attacks without reason. If you are not stupid, you will not fall under the distribution and stay alive. If not, then I’m sorry – you will be eaten.

– Jacques Anthony Menshikov

In his tracks, Jacques Anthony reflects on people’s attitudes towards life, kinship and loneliness. True, interspersed with these deep thoughts, you can hear obscene words, rhymes about loot and heifers. The artist himself says that this is just a tinsel under which the true meaning is hidden.

Jacques Anthony served in the army. Dumbed in rank of corporal.

If you listened to the album and did not catch this meaning, being distracted by profanity, I will explain to you: the concept of the entire album “JAWS” reflects not only overcoming obstacles, but also the fact that everyone is responsible for his future and can reach heights from any starting points.

I’m not a fan of such music, but maybe I’m just too old for that? Write how you JAWS?

Writing down the album JAWS , Jacques Anthony made a tatoo shark on his left cheek and is going on a tour of Russia. Such a happy ending.

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