What to do if AirPods sound quieter

The headset began to sound quieter, in the subway music or the interlocutor is heard poorly, although previously it was normal not even at maximum volume. How to fix?

If your smartphone is purchased in Europe, its settings will have a special option to increase the maximum volume level.

Go to Settings – Music – Volume Limit and disable Volume Limit (EU) . So the maximum volume in the headphones will be about 15% higher.

In PCT, smartphones and devices from the USA or Asia do not have this option, there the sound through the headset is already displayed at the highest possible level.

In addition, after prolonged use, any headphones, including AirPods, need to be cleaned. Dust and dirt clogged into the screen lowers the volume.

1. First, clean the charging case. It is there that a large amount of dust is collected, which later gets into the headphones.

Use dry cotton swabs for cleaning, and you can use a toothpick to remove dirt from the lid and body joint.

2. After that, you should clear the grid covering the speaker. To do this, you can use a hard brush or a used toothbrush.

Quick scrubbing movements will remove most of the dirt from the grid.

So you can increase the volume of almost any headset that is actively exploited.

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