What makes the AirPods copy different from the original?

Against the background of the latest news about high-quality copies of the AirPods, it has become more difficult to understand the originality of the devices. The Chinese are more sophisticated trying to transfer the main functions of headphones with their crafts.

And such accessories are now quietly selling on Avito under the guise of real ones.

Let us tell you how to distinguish real AirPods from fakes. By the way, we recently talked about a good fake .

1. Logo and drawings

Left fake, right original

The first differences are noticeable already on the packaging from the headphones.

Headphones depicted on the box, always have clear edges. They are easy to feel with your fingers, this is not an ordinary flat print, which is often found on fakes.

This box is better than many. But it gives her liner in bold and the gaps between the tray and the walls of the box

The original’s logo shimmers in the light, while a fake has a simple apple design.

2. Stickers on the package

Most often, on the fake packaging there are no stickers at all confirming the originality of the accessory.

This box should have 3 stickers: with data on the place of production, support for operating systems and the device serial number, which can be checked on the Apple website.

3. Box shape and kit

Left original, right fake

Apple always packs its devices in a tight cardboard box. Original gadgets will never easily fall out of it.

Inside the packaging of these headphones there are no gaps. Top instruction, and under it the headphones in the case on a special tray. Under the tray – Lightning-charging cable.

Good fakes are packed in a better box, it is inflated with a curved liner.

Fakes are less abundant. As a rule, the case is wrapped in blue film, and under it lies the instruction and the second-rate Lightning-charging cable. Headphone tray is not provided.

4. The size of the charging case

Left fake, right original

Apple knowingly won the innovation award for AirPods. It is the smallest wireless and technological accessory on the market.

Here are the dimensions of the original AirPods:

• Each earpiece: 16.5 x 18.0 x 40.5 mm 
• Charging case: 44.3 x 21.3 x 53.5 mm

This is a small work of art. Not like fakes, which are more than a few millimeters wide in all planes. They are seriously huge .

5. Case appearance and click sound

Left fake, right original

The charging case, as well as the headphones themselves, should be milky white. Counterfeits usually cannot convey the truth of white and go to yellow shades.

Oh yeah, there is always an extra button to connect or reset on the fake case. She really sticks out from the body. Often from the front. In the original, the button for breaking the pair coincides with the line of the back surface.

In addition, it is possible to determine the real case by a company click. It is pleasant and slightly muffled. And fake – loud and sonorous, in general, unpleasant.

6. Joints, slots and gaps

Left original, right fake

Real AirPods are polished carefully, making it almost impossible to notice any gap. It seems that this is all – a monolithic body.

In the case of a fake, the opposite is true: the Chinese do not particularly bother with “honing” the headphone case and leave micro gaps and slots. Out of the box may already be scratches on the device. Be sure to check the headphones with a flashlight, it will always highlight the flaws of the accessory.

And pay attention to the additional holes for speakers and microphones.

7. Inscriptions on the body

Left fake, right original

On the present case of headphones, the back is Designed by Apple in California, and on the headphones there are R and L marks – right and left.

On fake this is rare. And even if the “ears” are marked, then on the case in general there is never an inscription, talking about what Apple did.

8. The shape of the headphones and case

Left fake, right original

The original headphone case is slightly rounded on the sides and smoothly moves from the front edge to the back. Fake is often more rectangular than oval. Or it has rounded sides, but in front and behind it is as flat as possible.

The Chinese themselves learned how to copy airs almost flawlessly. The only external difference is their size.

9. The quality of the performance of the headphone case and case

Apple always uses high-quality plastic in its technique and makes it a glossy finish. But at the same time real “airpods” almost never slip in the hands.

Taking a fake in your hands, you will immediately notice the difference: a “soapy” grip with the case of headphones or a charging case, burrs or roughness in some parts of the device are possible.

10. Grid dynamics

Left fake, right original

The Chinese are then the Chinese, to maximize the savings on the device. The fabric grid of the speaker is almost always in the fakes: this also applies to the EarPods, the same applies to the AirPods.

Dust and earwax can easily get clogged up in such a mesh, it can break during an attempt to clean the headphones. Indeed, in the speaker, in any case, sooner or later, the dirt will begin to clog, and it must be cleaned. Otherwise, the headphones will work quieter.

In the original headphones installed metal mesh.

11. Connection

It is a good copy, and it connects as the original.

The original AirPods instantly hook your iPhone. A special menu appears on the smart for the first connection, in which the name and charge of the device is displayed: the case and each headset separately.

Bad fakes do not have a special chip for cheating an iPhone. They are defined as ordinary headphones. In higher-quality copies, they began to use an analogue of the W1 chip, so the pairing menu from the originals appears when pairing the fake.

So connects ONLY the original

Then check with 100% probability through the Settings menu. Open Bluetooth, tap on the info icon next to the AirPods. These headphones will show the serial number, firmware and other device information. A fake will offer just forget or disable the device.

12. Sound quality

In a fake there is no bass, it is quieter and can wheeze at high volume. Either there is too much bass, which after a minute of listening becomes disgusting.

At the most, a fake is capable of that – “hammering” into the ear, but no more. The original sound is as balanced as possible.

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