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Ukraine national football team won the U-20 World Cup final

In the final, the youth team beat the team of South Korea with a score of 3: 1.

Ukrainians missed the first – already in the fifth minute of the match a penalty was awarded to the national team. Account opened Kanin Lee.

Ukrainians played even before the break. Vladislav Supryaga caught the ball after a series of ricochets on the standard and pierced the ball into the net.

And in the second half, Supryaga made a double and brought the team the title. Yuhim Konoplya went through the half-flanks and lost possession, but the ball was in the penalty area on the leg of the Ukrainian forward, he carefully punched past the goalkeeper Gwanen Li. At the 89th minute, George Tsitaishvili widened the gap to two goals.

Ukraine for the first time in history has become a world champion. In 1977, the USSR won the YuChM, but the tournament was later called experimental, FIFA officially considers the history of the championships since 1981.

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