Israeli company has learned to crack any iPhone

Remember the Israeli company Cellebrite? we said last year that it could hack any iPhone. With their help, a special hacking gadget GrayKey from GrayShift was created.

So now the company has learned to crack and new models of iPhones and iPads operating on iOS 12.3 . For law enforcement agencies created a new device Universal Forensic Extraction Device Premium (UFED Premium).

Cellebrite proudly presents #UFED Premium! An exclusive solution for law enforcement that allows you to unlock and retrieve data from all iOS and high-end Android devices.

– wrote the company on its twitter

Cellebrite claims that their device now has no analogues. Grayshift says they are already preparing their own answer. Their new hacker device may hack some versions of iOS 12. Which ones are not specified.

Past version of hacker device from Cellebrite

True, the company did not share more details about devices with WIRED. Apparently, this information is available only to the police. [ Wired ]

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