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Vanilla videos: in social networks they sneer at the bloggers who make “profound” videos about relationships

“Innstainers” with hundreds of thousands of subscribers talk about love and loyalty, but on Twitter they look more at the script and acting game.

Service six-second video Vine closed in 2016, but the Weiners are not lost. The Russian-speaking bloggers, who shot sketches and videos with the plot, moved to Instagram: the format of the minute videos allowed them to turn around more and prescribe the script more.

By instagram Vains, first of all, we mean simple videos with minimal installation, a limited number of characters and a “life” theme. Their “star” authors – a million audience and profits from advertisers. About incomes vaynerov wrote , for example, RBC.

For the most part, the “Innsainers” publish humorous content. And some comedians criticize their sketches. “There is a comedic grain in all this, but this is not a joke. These are notes in the iPhone that could be screwed if it were not necessary to feed the growing army of degenerate followers, ”noted stand-up comedian Denis Alien about Vaina Anastasia Ivleeva.

Movie Denis the Alien about instagram-Vayner

But the vainers have a “serious” side – profound videos about unrequited love, betrayal, friendship and loyalty. In a minute, bloggers fit stories, after which in the comments they write something like “crawl” or “strongly touched.”

At the same time, since May 2019, Twitter has increasingly become ironic of such videos, sharing them with subscribers. Users paid attention to absurd scenarios and bad acting of the Viners. All this makes the video with serious themes rather comical parodies.

Some users of social networks began to make threads from clips of different authors. All these bloggers are popular Viners with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Sometimes the plots of commercials almost verbatim cite vanilla stories that were popular on VKontakte many years ago.

Vine’s plot: a girl has a severe heart disease. And the guy who is in love with her becomes a donor and donates his heart to save his beloved. “I wanted to give you a gift, and I didn’t find anything better than to give you life. Live it with dignity, ”the girl receives such a farewell note after the operation.

There is also a video about a guy who donated his eyes to a blind girl, because he promised her to “show the world with his own eyes.”

Some videos are bigger and go beyond the limits of Instagram per minute video. In such cases, the Viners sometimes release the second part, in front of which subscribers build their theories.

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