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Revenge of the “leather bastards”: a parody video of Boston Dynamics robots, who are fed up with oppression from people

And the traditional Russian voice acting as a bonus.
The robots of the American company Boston Dynamics are known all over the world, also thanks to the rollers, where they are tested with hard methods: for example, they are kicked and knocked out loads from the hands with a stick. The media and social networks periodically condemned such experiments, warning that one day the robots will be able to give change. And the authors of the YouTube channel Corridor presented what it would look like.

In the video pair, people playing the Boston Dynamics employees are moving to radical measures – they not only beat up a “robot” resembling the ATLAS model, but even shoot at it. As a result, the car arranges a riot and attacks those who oppressed him.

The role of ATLAS was also played by a person – more information about the process of creating a parody can be viewed in a separate video .

Among the Russian-speaking users of social networks, videos from Boston Dynamics have become a meme due to traditional voice acting. In them, robots call people leather bastards and promise to take revenge one day. The parody from Corridor is no exception.Carefully, there is a mat in the video.

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