“Do not force you to challenge the rap-battle”: Elon Musk responded to the launch of the cardboard Rogozin on “Seven” into space

Students from Tomsk launched a toy car with a figure of the head of Roscosmos into the near space.

“Seven” into space 

Students from Tomsk launched a toy car with a figure of the head of Roscosmos into the near space. 

On June 14, the Futurism publication published a material about the launch of the figure of the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, in a VAZ-2107 toy car into space. Journalists released the news under the heading “To make fun of Elon Musk, Russia launched a toy car into space.” The businessman himself responded to the note. He joked that Russia forces him to challenge her in a rap battle.

“Do not make me challenge you in rap battle”

On June 9, students of Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics actually launched a figure of Dmitry Rogozin on toy Zhiguli into near space. The load was chosen by users of social networks in a poll in one of the VKontakte space communities. A choice was offered to launch Starship, the telescope of “James Webb”, the red Tesla with Starman, the red “penny” with Rogozin, the Hawking figure or the cactus.

The founder of a start-up to launch stratostats and aerostats into near space, who supervised the flight, ToSky Nikita Cheban told about the project on TJ. According to him, about half a year has been preparing for launch, since this is the first long flight of an automatic stratostat in Russia since 2013. To Musky’s comment in ToSky answered that “late, Ilon, the challenge was accepted.”

We did not think that the event would cause such interest. But our task is completed, the launch really attracted attention from the federal and western media. We did not expect a response from Ilona Musk, but somehow got it. The news has gone its way from publishing on to Musk in four days, for which we are very grateful to this platform. Now we are waiting for comments from Rogozin, will there be a battle.

Nikita ChebanTo Sky founder

As we Rogozin on the seven in the near space launched

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