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TikTok promised to cooperate with the Russian authorities. Earlier, Roskomnadzor decided to check the service for prohibited content

During the month, the service will search for child pornography in the application.

In TIkTok declared that they are ready to cooperate with the Russian authorities. This was reported by the agency “RIA Novosti” with reference to the statement of the company’s representatives after Roskomnadzor announced the verification of the application.

The company noted that they are seeking to ensure the safety of Russian users and create a “positive environment” in the application.

We are constantly implementing measures to protect against abuse. As we care for the ever-growing TikTok community, we also commit to abide by local laws and regulations and cooperate with relevant authorities and organizations.

TikTok representative

On June 13, Roskomnadzor announced the start of the TikTok check. Within a month, the regulator will look for child pornography and other information prohibited in Russia in the application.

On February 28, US authorities fined TikTok a record $ 5.7 million because of a violation of the children’s online privacy protection law. The regulator demanded that users under 13 years old be removed.

In mid-April, Google and Apple, by court decision, removed the application from their Indian stores. The court ruled that the service has pornography. The company lost up to 600 thousand dollars a day, April 25, the Indian court lifted the ban.

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