The operator AT & T canceled pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold with a flexible screen and began to return money to customers

Samsung has not announced on which date the start of sales has postponed.

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AT & T operator canceled Galaxy Fold pre-orders. The first shipments of smartphones were to be held on June 13, but now money will be returned to customers. This was announced by Tom’s Guide website and confirmed by AT & T for The Verge.

In an e-mail, the operator told customers that it would not be able to deliver Galaxy Fold to them. The reason was called the transfer of release of the device from the Samsung.

Representatives of AT & T explained that the customers would get back all the money spent, in addition, they will receive a $ 100 gift card, which will be active for another two months. If Galaxy Fold is re-released within this time limit, customers will be able to re-order the device at a discount.

At the end of May, pre-orders for Galaxy Fold canceled the Best Buy store. Customers were offered to receive notifications about the new start of sales. Samsung also announced that it will cancel all pre-orders from its own website, unless customers ask for the opposite.

At the end of April, AT & T postponed Galaxy Fold delivery on pre-orders to June 13th. Journalists then assumed that the company simply chose a random “date-placeholder”.

It is unclear exactly when Samsung will start selling Galaxy Fold. The first samples of the smartphone were sent to journalists and bloggers in early April, but after a few days, many of them have failed devices . After that, the company recalled the review models, acknowledged the problem and postponed the release date for an indefinite period.

On June 14, Huawei said it was also postponing the start of sales of the Mate X — another smartphone with a flexible screen. The company explained that it does not want to release a product that will “destroy its reputation.”

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