Media: Samsung will release the smartphone Galaxy Fold with a flexible screen no earlier than August

In the near future, the company does not plan to repeat the announcement of the smartphone.

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Samsung will not release the Galaxy Fold until August 2019. The device can be released again with the announcement of the Galaxy Note 10. This was reported by the publication of The Korea Herald, citing a Samsung representative who wished to remain anonymous.

If we organized such an event this month [July], we would have to do something now. But nothing has changed since the transfer of sales in April.

anonymous employee of samsung

Thus, the next upcoming date for Samsung could be August, when the new Galaxy Note model will traditionally be presented . Journalists believe that the company can release both devices at the same event.

The first sales of the Galaxy Fold were supposed to start in May 2019, but the company moved them after smartphone breakdowns from journalists and bloggers. Samsung recognized the problem and announced that they would disclose a new sales date “in the next few weeks,” but since then the company has been silent for more than two months.

On June 13, it became known that AT & T canceled the pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold and began returning money to customers. The operator also received the Best Buy store and Samsung itself.

Galaxy Fold was not the only smartphone with a flexible screen that was moved. On June 14, Huawei announced that it would postpone the start of sales of Mate X, because it does not want to produce a product that “will destroy its reputation.”

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