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Korean free fall attraction impressed the social network, but it turned out to be a fake

In fact, the tower is not lengthened, and the seats do not unwind like a carousel.

In the middle of June, video with the work of The Gyro Drop attraction from an amusement park in South Korea gained popularity in social networks. Users were amazed at the “terrifying trip”, but the video turned out to be fake. First it drewattention to the publication Heavy.

Video mounted so that the attraction seemed much more innovative and creepy than it actually is. In the roller the tower is twice extended, the seats on the cables fall down, and then spin up like a carousel.

Initially, the video was published by Twitter users @Mewcg and @wonwoobabie , after which the video was picked up by major bloggers and media, who believed in a cunning CGI. It is not known who created the fake and when, but some guessed that the video was edited.

The video presents a real attraction, but in reality it is less impressive. The Gyro Drop was established in 1998, and still remains the main attraction of the Lotte World park in Seoul, which is located on an embankment island.

This video with the work of the attraction

Visitors to the 70-meter ride ride off into free fall at a speed of about 228 km / h. Usually they are offered to wear VR glasses that broadcast a futuristic landscape. The seats do rotate like in a fake roller, but do not spin on the cables.

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