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IAC published a preliminary report on the crash of Aeroflot’s SSJ-100 aircraft at Sheremetyevo

According to the commission, after hitting the Superjet, the autopilot went off and the connection was broken.

The Interstate Aviation Committee published a preliminary report on the crash of the Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100 at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport.

  • According to the document, on the liner trim found damage similar to traces of a lightning strike. Also, a “sound effect” recorded by the recorder indicates a lightning strike. He was heard “for 1.5 seconds”;
  • After a lightning strike from the “Superjet”, the autopilot was disconnected and the connection was broken. There are no other indications of equipment problems in the IAC report;
  • The SSJ pilot assessed the situation as normal, despite communication problems and loss of automatic control. Therefore, the commission plans to conduct experiments on a full-flight simulator to assess the actions of the crew in an emergency flight. The Commission analyzes the previous cases of the transition of the CDS to the DIRECT MODE mode in flight and the cases of rough landings;
  • According to the IAC, the Superjet hit the runway several times due to the increased load on the front landing gear. The fire on the SSJ-100 began after the third touch of the aircraft;
Place and moment of the third touch of the aircraft about the runway Photo IAC

  • The IAC also said that after the disaster at Sheremetevo, no additional recommendations for improving flight safety are required. All members of the commission believe that at this stage of the investigation, the recommendations made by the technical commission are sufficient.

On the evening of May 5, the Aeroflot plane, which was traveling from Moscow to Murmansk, caught fire during an emergency landing at Sheremetyevo. On board the ship were 78 people, including five crew members. Because of the fire, 41 people died, including one child and a flight attendant.

On May 17, the Federal Air Transport Agency announced that the pilots of the Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft that had burnt down at Sheremetyevo violated the instructions. Among other things, they did not release the interceptors (brake plates), and the plane landed with overload.

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