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From loneliness to universal love: the story of Keanu Reeves in memes

Details on why the actor is considered “the most beloved celebrity of the Internet.”

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The Internet loves Keanu Reeves. It is possible to explain this love for a long time: starting with participation in cult films like “The Matrix” and ending with the good deeds that the actor is famous for. There are many such stories: here Reeves signs an autograph to a teenager, having bought ice cream for this, so he gives way to a man on the subway, so he helps a little girl to get on a motorcycle. Reddit has a whole section about Keanu Reeves’ awesome deeds.

And about the actor made many different memes. Reeves keeps himself at a distance: he does not forbid jokes about himself, encourages the authors, but does not play up to them. The GQ edition, which made the interview with Keanu, calls this the perfect balance of relations with the Internet.

By June 2019, the love of social networks for the actor reached a peak: everywhere you can meet jokes or just compliments in his address. On this occasion, restores the meme story about Keanu Reeves.

Ode to happiness 

The immortal keanu

Year: 2009

On October 12, 2009, one of the users of The Panels on Pages noticed a similarity between Keanu Reeves and Paul Mune, a French actor from the late 19th century. Then the Internet went even further and found similarities already with the Renaissance artist Francesco Parmigianino. All this could mean only one thing: Keanu Reeves – is immortal.

Since then, social networks have begun to look for other “personalities” of the actor who could live on Earth for hundreds of years. There was even a site with evidence. In 2017, American TV presenter Jimmy Fallon showed Reeves to all of his “counterparts.” The actor recognized the similarities, but did not reveal whether he was immortal.

Francesco Parmigianino

Sad keanu

Year: 2010

The most famous meme about Keanu Reeves. In May 2010, the actor sat on a bench to eat a sandwich alone. There he was met by Ron Asadorian, a photographer who worked at the time on the Splash News tabloid. From the paparazzi, the snapshot of the pensive Keanu got on 4chan and Reddit, and from there it went all over the Internet.

The result was hundreds of photojob with sad Reeves on the bench. Splash News tried to threaten users with the court for the unlicensed use of images, but no one listened. June 15, 2010, in social networks, marked the day of support for Keanu: they wrote letters to Reddit, made gifts and sent them to the actor to raise their spirits.

Happy Keanu, who stole the camera

Year: 2010

If there is a sad Keanu, then there must be a happy Keanu. In the fall of 2010, the British tabloids published a photo of the actor, with a smile, running away with a camera. So the myth appeared that Reeves stole the equipment from the paparazzi who got it.

In fact, everything is not so. The shot was made during the filming of the film “Ties”. But in social networks they said: no matter how Keanu found himself in this situation, the main thing is that he smiles.

Suspecting Keanu

Year: 2011

In 1989, young Reeves starred in the movie The Incredible Adventures of Bill and Ted. And 22 years later, the frame from the picture became a template for a meme. In June 2011, a Reddit user took a photo of an actor with long hair and added a caption: “What if you can breathe in space, but they just don’t want us to escape.”

So young Keanu began to question various statements.

And what if I’m really attractive, and beautiful girls just think that I will send them off

Avenging for the dog Keanu

Years: 2014-2017

A series of militants “John Wick” was one of the elements of restarting career Keanu Reeves. And then he returned to memes again. In the plot of the film, the actor plays one of the best assassins in the world. And the enemies are very angry Wick that killed his dog. Now one of the hero’s motives is revenge. And he is ready to retaliate in general for all dogs.

Wait … this is not too? / Oh, puppy! 
– “Remember what they did to me, Johnny” / “Kill them, kill them all!”

Keanu respecting women

Year: 2018

In early 2018, users of Reddit noticed an unusual photo of the actor. In the picture, Keanu Reeves stands next to two girls and hugs them, but at the same time does not touch them with their hands. Then, in the West, the cases of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey sounded loudly, so they noted in the comments: “So he definitely won’t get a lawsuit.”

A year and a half later, several more pictures were added, and their interpretation has changed. Now Keanu is in the photo – a man who respects women immensely and does not invade their personal space.

Doing ordinary things Keanu

Year: 2018

In March 2018, a keanu doing things (a “kyanu doing things”) twitter account appeared , which publishes images of Keanu Reeves, noticed for quite ordinary things like walking or trying to take a photo. And the rather routine actor’s classes go along with alcoholism and an existential crisis.

Even more lonely Keanu

Year: 2019

On May 28, the Malaysian edition of the Star published an interview with Keanu Reeves, where the actor allegedly confessed to his solitude. “There is nobody in my life right now. But if it happened to me, I would treat this person with respect and love, ”the publication of the word Keanu led.

In response, spokesman Keanu Reeves told HuffPost that he never gave publication to the Malaysian Star. According to the representative of the actor, the material was made up of many other Reeves’ statements, taken out of context. But this did not stop people willing to console Keanu.

Going to any music Keanu

Year: 2019

In late May, Netflix released the romantic comedy “Always Be My Maybe”, where Reeves appears briefly. On Twitter, the first appearance of the actor was considered so spectacular that they began to substitute the most different music into a fragment. The joke did not live long, but bright.

Breathtaking Keanu

Year: 2019

In June, the E3 conference, one of the largest video game shows, was held in Los Angeles. And in the new Cyberpunk trailer 2077 from the CD Projekt RED studio (the creators of The Witcher) showed Keanu Reeves, who became one of the characters of the game. Frames from the video immediately went to fotozhaby.

But this did not end there: Reeves personally went on stage during the Microsoft conference to introduce the game. During the speech, he called it “breathtaking.” Someone in the hall answered: “You are breathtaking!”. Reeves did not lose his head and cried out: “No, you take your breath away! All of you are breathtaking! ”

Such a reciprocal love for the fan could not help but become a meme.

You are breathtaking!

He defends, he attacks, but, most importantly, he gives everyone a reciprocal love

I love you, Keanu Reeves! 
– And I love you, a random citizen from the crowd!

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