Actor Cubu Gooding ml. accused of sexual harassment. The woman said that he drunkenly molested her in a bar

According to the victim, the Oscar laureate allegedly put his hand on her chest and tried to kiss without her consent.

Photo by Associated Press

51-year-old Hollywood actor Cuba Gooding Jr. was released on a written undertaking not to leave the town six hours after his arrest on charges of harassment against a woman. This was reported by Associated Press.

According to the investigation, the 29-year-old woman complained to the actor. She said that Gooding Jr. had started pestering her at the New York Magic Lour Rooftop Bar & Lounge. According to the victim, the Oscar laureate allegedly tried to kiss her without consent, and also put his hand on her chest. The woman noted that Gooding was drunk.

Gooding Jr. himself denies the charges and does not plead guilty.

In addition, the tabloid TMZ published a video that, according to the publication, was recorded in the evening, when the actor molested a woman. The video shows how two women sit down to Goodying. After that, the actor put his hand on the leg of one of them, and pulled her hand to his lips, as if he wanted to kiss her. But then another man approaches the company and interrupts Gooding’s action, starting a conversation.

According to AP, this video may be key evidence for prosecutors. A lawyer for Gooding said that the footage shows “not the slightest hint of inappropriate behavior” and will justify it.

The court, which will determine the measure of restraint Gooding, was appointed on 26 June. The actor faces up to two years in prison in case of maximum punishment.

Cuba Gooding Jr. is best known for his supporting role in the tragicomedy Jerry Maguire, for which he won an Oscar. The actor is also the owner of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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