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Yesterday, at 27, Leah “Liay5” Novikova died. Successful poker player from Russia

This incident was written today in her VK group.

Previously, the girl was known as a professional player in DotA (Defense of Ancients) and other computer games.

World fame came to her in March 2015, when Novikova signed a contract with the most famous poker room and became the PokerStars Team Pro Online.

Novikova preferred online poker, where she achieved considerable success. The most significant result of the girl was the victory in the NLH Deepstack Big Ante tournament for € 1,100 at EPT Prague in 2015 (winnings € 49,440 or $ 54,070). At this event, Lia won her first significant poker trophy – the peak of PokerStars.

Tournament winnings for a career: more than $ 98,900

Recently, Leah finished the marathon from $ 10 to $ 5000, the content on her twitch and YouTube came out almost every day. Yesterday’s release:

The exact causes of death are not yet known. The network discusses 2 versions. According to one of them, the accident was connected with a faulty electrical appliance and the girl died from electric shock, according to the other she slipped in the bathroom.

As the poker portal writes , according to unconfirmed reports, the girl was alone in the apartment. Relatives asked a neighbor to check that with Leah, after they could not get through in a few hours. Entering the apartment, a neighbor found Lily in the bathroom unconscious. The doctors who arrived at the scene noted the death of the poker woman.

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