What makes Xiaomi Mi Band 4 different from Mi Band 3

The main announcement of this year’s Xiaomi took place: the company introduced amodernized version of the Mi Band 4, the same one whose predecessors get the title “The most popular fitness bracelet” and “Best-selling wearable gadget” year after year.

We will understand – is it worth buying the latest version, or stay with the third generation?

Appearance: full parity

Mi Band 3 – almost complete copy of the predecessor

Mi Band 3. The  tracker is a capsule with sloping edges and a notch imitating the Mi Band 2 button with a heartbeat sensor and barely recessed by the charging contacts.

The bracelet is even simpler: a loop for a capsule + a loop- “anti-loss”. Its color can only be black, other options – the work of the Chinese underground workers.

Contacts for charging are recessed deeper and lower

Mi Band 4.  The capsule has a flatter front surface, the imitation of the button is flat and stands out only with an icon.

The bracelets are the same, but now there are color options and 3 limited versions of Marvel Avengers.

Total. New looks stricter and at the same time – brighter. Colored “skins” were needed. Let’s see how it will be in practice.

Screen: not only the size is important, but also the type

Mi Band 3 screen fits 5 lines

Mi Band 3. The  bracelet was a logical continuation of the line, getting a monochrome OLED-display with a diagonal of 0.78 inches and a resolution of 128 × 80. 
The touchpad is more logical than the button in the “two”: with its help, the control has become intuitive.

Mi Band 4 shows significantly more

Mi Band 4. The  novelty received a 0.95-inch color AMOLED display with a resolution of 240 × 120, similar to the one used in Xiaomi Hey.

If we exclude new functions, we can assume that this is the very Hey, which did not enter the international market. Now it is refined and ready for everyone.

Bottom line: Thus, the Mi Band 4 screen is 33% larger than its predecessor; color and clearer; its illumination is obviously brighter – it means the problem of visibility in the bright sun will disappear. Solid pluses.

Sizes: full parity

Big tracker you feel on hand

Mi Band 3. Everything is known about the “old man” – it weighs 20 grams, the capsule visibly sticks out of the bracelet and likes to touch the clothes.

The difference with the predecessor of the second generation Mi Band is minimal, but compared to him, the third model has become less comfortable to wear. You feel it.

With the “four” will be the same

Mi Band 4. B about lshy screen is demanded to increase the size of the device. New weighs 22 grams, and apparently a little larger than its predecessor.

Probably, the dimensions completely coincide with Hey, that is, a few millimeters larger than the “troika”.

Total. The novelty will leave the same sensations as last year’s version. But for fans of the first model, they are so-so.

Filling: more accurate and faster

“Troika” received the most advanced pulsomer

Mi Band 3. The activity of the bracelet gets using a 4-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and heart rate sensor, obsolete to date.

In addition to the usual international version, Xiaomi offers an option with an NFC chip to work with AliPay and pay for travel. And the one and the other – so far only in China.

Collaboration with Marvel will appeal to many

Mi Band 4. Advanced 6-axis accelerometer and a new pulse meter will allow you to track activity more accurately, but not everyone will notice. What can be said about the transition to Bluetooth 5.0 LE: it will significantly increase the distance of communication with the smartphone.

The version with NFC is also only in China. But now it has become full-featured: it works with tags, allows you to connect to smartphones and smart technology.

Total. Direct improvements to the face. If only the smartphone itself supported BT 5.0, otherwise those who do not swim will not notice anything.

Moisture protection: is everything fair?

Prolonged swimming leads to complete breakdown of the Mi Band 3

Mi Band 3. Declared protection level 5 ATM. In practice, the bracelet can be used in the shower, but the bath, steam room and pool are strictly contraindicated to it: there is a significant chance that the bracelet will “fall off” the screen, that is, it will output noise instead of a picture.

Fresh model can work in pools

Mi Band 4. Received protection level 5 ATM, which provides the ability to dive to a depth of 50 meters. Real, otherwise the function of tracking swimming does not make sense.

Total. Mi Band 4 was the only mass fitness accessory for swimming. Checkmate.

“Dial”: now in the Mi Band

OLED is uninformative: 5 lines or a pair of pictograms

Mi Band 3. It has a single design scheme, which varies slightly with the latest firmware. The first versions did not work with Cyrillic either.

Skins bring additional features to Mi Band 4

Mi Band 4. A new type of display allows the device to work directly with the application, so instead of pixel drawings, the novelty offers 60 themes.

The lock screen themes (also known as the main screen) differ not only in the design and colors used. Changing the theme leads to a complete change in the display of information on the screen.

Total. The new screen will allow you to customize the bracelet and create new work patterns, as with a smart watch.

Smart features: even more

“Two” is very similar to the Mi Band 3

Mi Band 3. Tracks the number of steps and the distance; in the sports mode it tracks walks, jogging and cycling; can unlock the screen of Android-smartphones. Just like in Mi Band 2.

Now in the Chinese Mi Band there is a microphone and voice assistant.

Mi Band 4. Able all the same as the previous version. In addition, it is able to track data when sailing in real time with intelligent recognition of strokes.

The bracelet supports Xiao AI branded voice assistant and can manage gadgets of Xiaomi Smart Home.

Total. Mi Band instead of the remote? A good idea. It is a pity that there is no speaker to use instead of a headset.

Autonomy: what we lost

In order for the bracelet to work the stated time, you need to use it instead of hours

Mi Band 3. The basic version uses a 110 mAh battery. It is enough for 20 days. The active operation of the heart rate monitor while monitoring activities reduces the time to 10 days.

The variant with NFC without activities works no longer than 15 days, with them – about a week.

What makes Xiaomi Mi Band 4 different from Mi Band 3

Turning on the screen will double the running time.

Mi Band 4. The novelty got the battery increased to 135 mAh, but it works the same time – 20 days without monitoring the activities and 10 — with active use.

NFC-version is equipped with a reduced to 125 mAh battery. It is enough for 15 and 7 days respectively.

Total. Both versions can no longer be compared with the first, the eternal Mi Band. But it is worth waiting for a trick from the novelty – a constantly on screen with the Always On function can seriously reduce autonomy.

Price and availability: have to wait

You can buy Mi Band 3 anywhere. Will still work

Mi Band 3. On the market are available 3 versions of the bracelet: Chinese, international and Chinese with NFC. All of them are currently working perfectly with the Mi Fit multilingual application and any smartphones.

In Russia, the average price of the base model is 1,900 rubles. . In China, the “base” is 1,500 rubles. , with NFC ~ 1 800 rub.

Xiaomi will force to buy “four” in regional stores

Mi Band 4. In fact, sales in China will start on June 14, in Europe – June 26. Compatibility of versions of bracelets and applications is still unknown.

Now on AliExpress, the Chinese version costs 2,500 rubles. , international – 3 000 rub., variant with NFC – 3 400 rub.

Total. Recommended Xiaomi Mi Band 4 prices are higher than its predecessor. In Europe, they are not humane at all. But expect a slight decline.

Conclusions and a little about AliPay

Last year’s Xiaomi Hey is very similar to Mi Band 4

Mi Band 3. Solid, reliable bracelet. It is still relevant for those who want a stable working device and do not need protection from water. It is cheap and affordable. But this is now his only virtue.

Beautiful, comfortable and fully functional. I went to the shop

Mi Band 4. The novelty promises to be the most advanced fitness accessory of the lower price segment. There are no analogues on the market. And he is definitely better than Mi Band 3 in everything except the price.

Total. A couple of months is to change the old “Miband” to a new one. Let Mi Band 4 not compare with Apple Watch, but Amazfit Bip, early versions of Mi Band and analogs have lost all meaning.

Xiaomi Mi Band Avengers: Limited Edition for Fans

PS: Xiaomi has signed an agreement on the introduction of AliPay for Russian cardholders with MasterCard. Soon in Russia it will be possible to pay using this system, and, therefore, will earn contactless payment using the Mi Band.

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