Uber began testing food delivery in the US using drones. While the service works only with McDonald’s.

But without a courier still can not do. The drone will deliver the goods to him, and he must personally deliver the order to the client.

Uber began testing food delivery services using drones in San Diego, USA. At this stage, drones are delivered only from the McDonald’s network, but by the end of 2019 other restaurants should appear. This is reported by MarketWatch.

Uber said that now the delivery with the help of drones works in such a way that the drone delivers the load to the driver of Uber Eats to the destination, and he already personally transfers the food to the customer. In the future, the company planned to teach drones to land on the roof of courier cars per mile to the place of delivery.

Testing drones in San Diego, the company has been authorized by the United States Federal Aviation Administration for a commercial drone testing program.

In addition, the company announced that in collaboration with Volvo Cars, it had begun work on a car that would be completely autonomous right off the assembly line.

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According to Uber, they are adapting the existing Volvo XC90 model. But so that the system of steering and braking of the vehicle will be intended only to control the computer, and not the person.

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