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The strangest sections of Reddit by the version of users of Reddit

Communities for every taste: those who paid for WinRAR, played the role of maniacs, squatting fans and authors of memes about asbestos.

The strangest sections of Reddit by the version of users of Reddit

Reddit does not just call itself the “main page of the Internet” – the site has thousands of communities for every taste, and even the craziest ideas can find followers. On June 9, one of the users asked other users a question: what strangest sections did they come across? And in response he received more than eight thousand comments.

studied the thread and chose the 12 strangest sabreddit versions of Reddit.We have a Reddit sub-site where they share interesting posts and translate remarkable stories. You can subscribe to it to not miss anything.

r / thefridgelight

Number of subscribers: 6.7 thousand

What is the section on: in February 2019, one Reddit user expressed an unusual thought: what if all of us are just video game characters, and a refrigerator is a save point. And each opening of the refrigerator (even for no reason) records all the progress.

Subreddit is built around this. Users post photos of refrigerators every day and joke that this is part of the game. Someone objects: if there is a save, how to load the old “save”? There is an answer to this: when you load, you forget what happened. And this happens every time when you find yourself with the refrigerator door open, not knowing why you got there.

A couple of examples:

I took a new cartridge for my saves.

When your save files are damaged

r / chairsunderwater

Number of followers: 88 thousand

What is the section: for several years, subreddit users publish photos of chairs under water. Home, beach, office – any. Less likely to get chairs, sofas and benches. If the stool is not completely in the water, then the NSFW mark is put – users of this section are quite sensitive.

A couple of examples:

Moderators are sleeping. 
Vote for the chairs in the air!

r / fedlegs

Number of subscribers: 5 thousand

What is the section: subreddit has a rather strange background. A few years ago, one of the users of Reddit began to have the same fantastic dream about a society where girls painted their legs yellow. So they attracted attention to themselves, and the coloring took place with the help of “chemistry”.

The dream was repeated, and the user began to expand the invented universe, describing the details and inventing characters. To collect all this in one place, he created a partition on Reddit. For the author, this is primarily a way to recognize your fetish from a dream, and for others – the ability to ironic.

A couple of examples:

r / PaidForWinRAR

Number of followers: 27 thousand

What is the section about: surely almost everyone at some point in his life had a WinRAR archiver on his computer. He is known for “an endless trial period”: the program regularly demanded payment from the user, but did not punish it for refusal. So free 40 days lasted for years.

This section is a place to praise the heroes who still paid for WinRAR. And they explain their reasons there. Or come up with.

A couple of examples:

dkaarvand paid for WinRAR. Reason: tried to impress the girl. She was not impressed. Actually dodged a bullet – a girl that WinRAR doesn’t impress is not worth your time.

DamnNoHtml paid for WinRAR. Reason: after the abrupt end of long-term relationships, he tried using the program to “squeeze” his emotions. WinRAR doesn’t work that way, but who are we to blame him for trying.

r / prisonwallet

Number of followers: 92 thousand

What is the section on: one of the most popular reading materials of 2019 – a list of prison inventions and life hacks. Reddit has a whole section with things made and confiscated from prisoners. Sabreddit is only a month old, but he is actively gaining popularity.

A couple of examples:

Toilet paper bones

Toothbrush Crossbow


r / inspirobot

Number of followers: 26 thousand

What the section is about: InspiroBot is an algorithm trained on hundreds of inspirational and motivating quotes. The creators call the generator “artificial intelligence”, but this is hardly true. A bot is trying to create his own quotes – and often the effect is rather comical. But the bot does not give up.

A couple of examples:

Friends become friends because because because

Be born rich

r / birdswitharms

Number of followers: 219 thousand

What is the section about: yes, this is a subreddit, where they simply publish photos of birds with photoshopped human hands. Everything.

A couple of examples:

r / ooer

Number of followers: 182 thousand

What sabreddit: once the style of each sabreddit could customize at will with CSS. So sections of the site stood out and got “their own face.” To test the change of design, we have created a special section, named after one of the oldest moderators Reddit. But then the situation got a little out of control, and subreddit turned into a testing ground, where the main goal is to break the site as much as possible.

Unfortunately, the 2018 redesign severely limited users to customize and actually killed Ooer. But you can always switch to the old Reddit.

What it looks like:

r / AsbestosRemovalMemes

Number of followers: 22 thousand

What the section is about: Reddit is known for the fact that almost any thing on Earth can be turned into a base for memes, and then also get an audience around it. To understand: there are popular sections on the site devoted to memes about catapults and trebuchets (not to be confused). What about jokes about asbestos removal? There is such a thing.

A couple of examples:

hmmmmm, today I will build a house without asbestos / mesothelioma (a disease that occurs after contact with asbestos dust)

I, an asbestos removal specialist – a material containing asbestos

r / FearMe

Number of followers: 48 thousand

What the section is about: This subreddit is rather strange in a frightening sense of the word. His only description: “The place where the flesh sings.” Users give a broader interpretation. According to them, the authors of posts are trying to show the world through the eyes of a maniac or a person who has gone mad. The second version: this is just a collection of creepy pictures and gifs inspired by Lovecraftian motifs.

The main rule of subreddit is to remain in the role. Outside the section, these are completely ordinary people, not a cult. But FearMe regularly falls into the lists of not the most pleasant places on the site.

A couple of examples:

Selection of gifs

r / slavs_squatting

Number of followers: 108 thousand

What is the section on: yes, Reddit has a thousands-year English-speaking army of Slavic fans and their squatting habits. Nothing more: only pictures about it, gifs about it, memes about it.

A couple of examples:

r / amish

Number of followers: 92 thousand

What is the section about:

A couple of examples:

And so for several years

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