The Japanese parliament passed a law banning drunk drone control and performing dangerous stunts there will be fine

Now driving a drone while intoxicated can lead to one year in prison.

The lower house of the Japanese parliament passed a law that provides for fines or prison sentences for drunk drone control. It is reported by the BBC.

According to the new law, violators face a penalty of up to 300 thousand yen (178 thousand rubles) or up to a year in prison. The law applies only to drones weighing more than 200 grams.

We believe that the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles after drinking is just as dangerous as drinking and driving.

Representative of the Ministry of Transport of Japan

The publication reported that the law also provides for penalties for performing dangerous stunts using drones. We are talking about such tricks as a steep dive or flights, coupled with blows. For this, a fine of up to 500 thousand yen (almost 300 thousand rubles) is provided.

On May 17, the Japanese parliament banned flying drones over Olympic facilities in Tokyo, as well as Japanese and American military installations in the country. Drones were also barred from approaching nuclear power plants, the buildings of the Japanese parliament, the residence of the prime minister and the imperial palace.

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