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Moscow authorities are holding a FIFA 19 tournament with a budget of 30 million rubles. He has almost no advertising and problems with the participants.

In recent days, the international tournament has become Russian, and the prize fund has been reduced to 160 thousand rubles.

Moscow authorities are holding a FIFA 19 tournament with a budget of 30 million rubles. He has almost no advertising and problems with the participants.
Cybersport Tournament at VDNKh, 2018 Photo from the site of the Moscow City Hall

June 15 in Moscow at the stadium CSKA Moscow Moscow Cyber ​​Cup tournament will be held on the football simulator FIFA 19. The Moscow authorities are organizing the event, and more than 30 million rubles have been allocated for it. A few days before the start, the rules of the tournament changed: from “international” with the participation of foreign cybersportsmen, it became “Russian” only with domestic players, and the prize fund decreased from a million rubles to 160 thousand rubles.

What a tournament and who organizes it

Moscow Cyber ​​Cup is a tournament for cybersportsmen, which is held by the Directorate of sports and entertainment events relating to the Moscow Sports Department. The partners are the Moscow Department of Information Technology and TASS. This is not the first time that the Moscow authorities are holding a cyber sports tournament: these were held in September and November .

There is no information about the prize fund on the Moscow Cyber ​​Cup website, as well as cybersportsmen not only from Russia, but also from Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan are listed.. On June 11, the organizers held a press conference at TASS, where they said that the prize fund would be 160 thousand rubles, and foreign cybersports would attend the tournament.

It is assumed that this will be the largest international tournament, which was held in Moscow. Recognition of the sport in Russia has become a great help for self-realization.Pavel AndreevChairman of the Interactive Football Committee of the Moscow Football Federation

Learning about a tournament is almost impossible by chance – it has almost no advertising on the Internet and social networks.. Records about the Moscow Cyber ​​Cup are not in the social networks even of the organizers themselves – neither the Department of Information Technologies nor the Moscow Football Federation . The host of the event indicated is blogger Nikita Kovalchuk, but he also did not write about it in his social networks. Mentions of the competition can be found on the pages of some cybersportsmen and on Twitter of the Department of Sports .

Poster Moscow Cyber ​​Cup

What are the claims to the tournament and what do cybersportsmen say

On June 13, Roman Chernyavsky, the former editor of the GameShow channel, drewattention to the Moscow Cyber ​​Cup in his Telegram channel. According to him, this is an extremely expensive one-day FIFA 19 tournament, which a week before the event was lost to foreign players.

  • According to tenders , more than 30 million rubles were allocated from the budget for the Moscow Cyber ​​Cup. Chernyavsky noted that the cost of such a one-day tournament is comparable to the official competitions from EA Sports in the USA, which take several days and where the prize fund is several million rubles;
  • A week before the tournament foreign cybersportsmen disappeared from it, which the organizers did not publicly say. Ukrainian player Alexander Grishay, known as “Grishay10”, confirmed to TJ that he was notified on June 10 that he was unable to participate and was invited as a guest, a player from Belarus also received a notification ;

I was already preparing tight for the tournament. And at one point they wrote and said that the status has changed. It was on Monday, June 10th. I was upset because I started training and wanted to participate. As a guest, I will not go either, which I immediately told the organizers about.
Alexander Grishay”Grishay10″

  • The initial prize pool was one million rubles.. The organizers never talked about the prize money, but the amount remained in the Volunteers information system, through which they hire volunteers for city events;
  • Lack of computer sports federation in the organizers. As noted by Chernyavsky, the organization deals with most major tournaments in games in Russia, including in Moscow. However, the organization of the Moscow Cyber ​​Cup does not apply.

What the organizers say

The Department of Information Technology refused to answer TJ’s questions about the Moscow Cyber ​​Cup, citing the fact that they only support the tournament and not organize it. Cybersportsman Anton Klyonov, who attended the TASS press conference, forwarded questions to the “organizers” and said that he “knows nothing” about the details. Department Officer Alexander Timofeev, who contacted cybersportsmen to participate in the tournament, also refused to answer questions.

The representative of the Directorate of sports and entertainment events explained to TJ only two questions. The prize fund has changed because of the rules of EA, according to which the reward in third-party tournaments can not exceed $ 2,500 (160 thousand rubles) – such a clause in the rules really exists . At the same time, when EA organizes tournaments, the amounts are much higher – 10, 20 and 50 thousand dollars for prizes.

The change in the status of Moscow Cyber ​​Cup from “international” to “Russian” is also related to the rules of EA, according to which only local players can participate in the tournament, the representative explained. Probably, it means a point from the rules: “If a tournament is a non-network event, it can take place only in one country, and players from this country should have free access to the tournament.”Why the organizers did not know in advance about these restrictions is unknown.

Dmitry Binevsky, Deputy General Director of the Directorate of sports and entertainment events, said that they did not take tickets very willingly: “Tickets are not sold a lot so far, we hope that people will come on the day of the competition.” On the sites and they cost 300-500 rubles.

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