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Introduced the world’s first keyboard-touchpad Clevetura Click & Touch

Prestigio today presented an interesting Click & Touch keyboard from Clevetura, a Minsk startup .

What is the essence : touch keys. Almost all. You move your finger across the entire keyboard area, like on a touchpad. The mouse is not needed at all.

The Belarusian team was able to develop a unique technology that allows you to turn an ordinary clave into a sensory one.

How does Clevetura Click & Touch work?

Automatic transition between operating modes is possible. The device itself understands when you need a touch, and when the keyboard.

LED indicator shows in which mode the keyboard works: the touchpad is green, the keyboard is blue

The keys react to touch and gestures, like a touchpad or a mouse. Keyboards do not need additional drivers.

The left half of the function keys is used to pan the video, the right one – to adjust the volume. A kind of Belarusian Touch Bar.

Built-in technology allows you to handle many of the usual gestures: zoom, scrolling, the transition between desktops and others. There is also a drag and drop mode: you hold down the spacebar, and you can move windows and files.

Up to 5 devices can be simultaneously connected to one such keyboard : via three Bluetooth channels, using a USB radio receiver and a Type-C cable.

Prestigio Clevetura Click & Touch feels lighter than the Apple Magic Mouse, and the keystroke is about the same as on a MacBook. On iPad with iPadOS, you can use the keyboard as a mouse (!).

From one charge, the novelty works 7 hours with intensive use and up to 10 days in normal mode.

How much is

Home sales Clevetura Click & Touch is scheduled for September this year. Preliminary cost – $ 99 .

First wave countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Baltic states.

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