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In Hong Kong, the police began to disperse the protesters with rubber bullets and tear gas

From 300 thousand to a million people came to the demonstration.

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In Hong Kong, police began using tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters. Residents of the city took to the mass demonstrations against the new law on the standards in mainland China.

Protesters blocked the streets near government buildings. After that, the police used pepper gas, batons and rubber bullets.

According to experts, the protests involved hundreds of thousands of residents. The action is called the largest since 1997, when Britain returned Hong Kong under the sovereignty of China.

The first protests began on June 9, when the Hong Kong parliament began to consider amendments to the law on extradition. A second reading was scheduled for June 12, but it was postponed indefinitely due to public unrest.

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If amendments are adopted, residents will be able to extradite to those countries that do not have an agreement with Hong Kong, including Taiwan, Macao and mainland China. Protesters fear that it will put Chinese dissidents and refugees from the mainland in jeopardy. According to critics of the bill, it also deprives Hong Kong of autonomy, and residents – the right to a fair trial.

The city authorities claim that each request will be considered individually, and those persecuted for political and religious reasons will not be transferred to China. They refer to the case when a young couple from Hong Kong rested in Taiwan, the young man killed his pregnant girlfriend and returned home. The authorities in Taiwan cannot judge him because there is no extradition treaty, and Hong Kong cannot extradite him due to the lack of legislation.

In addition to ordinary residents, companies joined the protests. More than 100 enterprises canceled the working day on June 12 to allow staff to participate in demonstrations, and in some corporations they introduced a flexible schedule.

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