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Durov linked the Telegram DDoS attack with protests in Hong Kong. Their members coordinate actions via the messenger

Service attacked from Chinese IP-addresses.

The creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov, linked the DDOS attack on the instant messenger that occurred the day before with the protests in Hong Kong. According to Durov, the main sources of attack were computers with Chinese IP addresses.

IP addresses were mostly Chinese. It so happened that all the major DDoS attacks (200-400 Gb / s of garbage) that we experienced coincided with the protests in Hong Kong (whose participants coordinate actions in the Telegram). This case is no exception.
Pavel DurovTelegram founder

Messages about interruptions in the messenger appeared on June 11. Later, Telegram representatives recognized the fact of a large-scale DDoS attack on the service.

Protests in Hong Kong began on 9 June. More than 300 thousand people took part in demonstrations against the law on extradition to mainland China.

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